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Canada Courses



We welcome the opportunity to assist you in applying to Canadian universities and colleges.

You must apply at least 5-6 month ahead of starting date of next session. This gives enough time to process your admission and study permit application. Please note; all study visa applications are processed by ICCRC registered members.

You can also email us with some information about yourself, course of interest and which session you are looking to apply in and we will get back to you to discuss how we can help you.

Transfer your Diploma into Degree in Canada

Convert your higher diploma into degree ranging from 2 years to 3 years in Canada depending on your program. Bachelor programs are 4 years in Canada, so there is high possibility of getting credits up to 2 years, if you have a 3 year Bachelor degree back home. For more details, email or whatsapp us.

General Information
  • All colleges & universities require a non-refundable administrative fee ranging from CAD $60 to $125
  • Mostly the deadline for Fall session is Feb 1 and June 1 for Winter session.
  • Depending upon the programs on average; College fee varies from CAD $11,000 up to $16,000; whereas University fee starts from $12,500 or above.
  • Students looking for MBA – fee ranges from CAD $22,000 or above with most university requiring GMAT score. However, there will be a few universities they will waive GMAT requirement on very special circumstances.
  • Most universities do not accept scan copies of your documents. Hard copies must be sent direct from the universities. This applies to student applying from outside Canada


Deadline for Admission

It varies from university to university, however, typically the deadline is Feb 1 for fall intake.

By following below mentioned steps, it will assist, but not guarantee, in reducing admission timeline.

First Step

Make checklist of documents required. You must go through college/university website thoroughly to check which documents required for your admission. Remember, you need to make your application distinctive through presentation. Alternatively, you can contact our office through email, call or in person, where our experience staff will go through your education documents – transcripts, diplomas, degrees, certificates and give an idea on your chances to get admission.

  • A- Levels / High school diploma and transcripts.
  • Minimum Two academic references and
  • Statement of purpose (personal statement) – approx. 300 – 400 words.
Second Step

All under & post graduate applications has to be submitted to institutions directly. Most of the Canadian institutions require a non-refundable administrative fee ranging from CAD $60 to CAD $125. Most of the Canadian universities do not accept scan copies of documents. Therefore, be prepared to send them either bonafide documents or certified copies of the required documents. Please note some universities may ask to upload scan copies of the documents for assessment, however, at later stage certified copies will be requested.

Third Step

Universities try their best to get to a decision at their earliest. However, because of receiving hundreds of applications, you should wait and expect approximately 10-12 weeks (or even more in some cases) before hearing from institution.

Fourth Step

On receipt of Conditional* offer, students need to fulfill the required conditions. Once the conditions are met, as mentioned on offer letter, Canadian institutions will send offer letter (soft or hard copies) to students. Students, then, can apply for Canadian study visa. For details on how to make application for study permit, please visit Citizenship Immigration Canada website or if you wish, we can also refer you to one of ICCRC registered immigration consultants based in Canada.