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Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Qualifi is a leading 21st-century awarding organisation founded to meet the developing education and training needs of learners and employers from the UK and around the globe. As a recognised UK awarding organisation, regulated by Ofqual, Qualifi is able to give assurances to employers, centres and learners of consistent, rigorous, quality standards and valid, valued learning.


12 months

Total Credits:



Course Overview

The aim of the QUALIFI Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance is to provide learners with an understanding of management accounting and finance and their role in business. Learners will develop practical skills for a career in managing business finances. Successful completion of the QUALIFI Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance provides learners with the opportunity to progress to further study or employment.

Mandatory Units

  • Accounting in a Business Context
  • Economics for Business
  • Mathematical Accounting Methods
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Leadership and Management in Accounting

Progression Pathways

Upon completing this Level 4 diploma, learners can progress to a Qualifi Level 5 qualification, or the second year of HND study in Accounting & Finance a related subject. Learners can also step directly into employment in an associated profession.

Entry Requirements

  1. Approved Centres are responsible for reviewing and making decisions as to the applicant’s ability to complete the learning programme successfully and meet the demands of the qualification. The initial assessment by the centre, will need to consider the support that is readily available or can be made available to meet individual learner needs as appropriate.
  2. The qualification has been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that restrict access, for this qualification applicants must be aged 16 or over.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the diploma are:

  1. Understand the micro- and macro- economic factors that affect business
  2. Understand the business environment’s impact on financial accounting;
  3. Develop mathematical skills required for financial accounting;
  4. Understand and prepare financial accounts;
  5. Understand the purpose of and use management accounting techniques
  6. Understand the role of leadership and management in accounting

Career Opportunities

Primary areas of employment include:

  • Operations Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Financial Planner
  • Programme Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Fleet Manager

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